Rebekah Keizer
Photo by Shelly Everson at Duet

What we learn with pleasure we never forget.

Alfred Mercier

Learning and growing are a big part of coaching. I speak and do workshops to bring the learning and concepts of coaching to community groups in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I engage participants in stepping out of their comfort zones to achieve greater fulfillment, pleasure, and balance in their personal lives.



Well-prepared for presentations, whether facilitating a caregiver support group or speaking in front of groups at our educational forums.  She projected her voice, topics were well-researched, and presentations, well-organized.  Jane Harrison


Programs are offered to:

  • Organizations who offer lunch and learn programs
  • Church groups
  • Civic and community groups
  • Social groups

Topics and Areas of Development:

  • Understand the magic of Life Coaching
  • Listening and conversation in the coach approach
  • Revitalized passion for life and a renewed sense of self
  • Understand how to overcome the stress of caring for others
  • Evaluate how you spend your time and energy and techniques to maximize it
  • Understand what roles and situations you are called to and be intentional about living out that purpose
  • Find ways to tackle struggles and revitalize your relationships
  • Add sparkle to the care and tasks you do every day


If your organization or group would like to learn more about scheduling a seminar or workshop, please contact me at 719-428-5973 or rebekah@rklifecoach.com to review your needs, audience, focus and time frame.


Available Formats:

  • Interactive talks range 20-90 minutes- Participants listen to and discuss the given topic.
  • Interactive workshops 60 minutes to 3 hours-  Participants complete exercises in the workshop and personal attention is given in a group coaching format.


Rebekah Keizer is a life coach at RK Lifecoach. Rebekah helps women move from the stress and chaos of caring for others to a life where living by values and priorities give them the life where they can thrive.  When she is not coaching, Rebekah can be found hiking with her family, running, reading, or eating marshmallows.