Caregiver Relief

Helping women move from feeling like a victim to enjoying your mission as a caregiver

Do not let this hard role leave you dry and exhausted

You are just plain stuck. The role you have caring for your parent or spouse is exactly what you are supposed to be doing. But you find yourself feeling trapped by the overwhelm of all that needs to get done never knowing what will come next. You wonder where the room is for you to do what you enjoy and take care of your own relationships. You would love a life where you feel like what is on your plate seems manageable. You want to enjoy caring for your loved one because you also have the time to delight in your own interests.

 It’s Time to Beat the Overwhelm and Thrive as You Care

Caregiver Relief came out of my experience supporting friends that care for their loved ones and working with daughters and wives that care for their loved ones. The program faces those aspects of caregiving that are so draining and works through your day-to-day schedule to find the room to care for yourself and do what you enjoy. The purpose is to move you from a life where you roll along from crisis to crisis to a life of intentionally caring for your loved one and caring for you too.

We will:

  • Discover what your priorities and values when it comes to caring for your family member
  • Work through what it means to be called to the role you have and what your purpose is in it
  • Discover how to navigate the demanding load of care and move from stress to enjoyment
  • Navigate your relationships with other stake holders in the care and know where to draw boundaries
  • Find the wiggle room for fun and caring for yourself so that you have the energy you need for every day
  • Transform destructive thoughts that threaten to take over, and instead have positive thoughts that energize you
  • Understand how to prepare in advance for crises that come up

Before We Get Started:

Let’s meet for a strategy session to determine if we are a good fit for each other. This will also give you a chance to experience a coaching session and have your questions answered. My clients tell me that they have walked away with valuable insights and hope after just one session. My goal is that you will as well.

Then based on our strategy session you will complete the discovery paperwork and hand-picked assessments to pave the way for our work together.

Here’s What You Get With Multiply Your Time and Energy:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions by telephone or online video service
  • Initial 60-minute discovery and planning session
  • Then 40-minute coaching sessions that take place every week or every 2 weeks according what fits best within your schedule
  • Weekly homework to put into action what we have discovered in our sessions together
  • Prior to each session you will complete a session preparation form to make our time together highly  productive
  • Up to two weekly support emails or texts
  • Inspirational quotes and suggested reading

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