Multiply Your Time and Energy

Helping women increase their time to spend on the things they really want

Do not be a victim of your schedule and the desires of others

You feel like your schedule is pushing your around. The time you need to get it all done and really enjoy your loved ones seems to allude you. You find yourself spending your time on what everyone else wants you to. At times you feel like you will drown under the pressure. You are giving so much and feel like you don’t have the energy for all that you need to do… You would love a life where you feel energized for your day and where you feel like your time is spent exactly where you want it to be.

It’s Time to Take Charge of Where and How Your Time Is Spent

Multiply Your Time and Energy was born out of my own struggle to have my time align with my priorities and rather than being about what others wanted of me. The program targets those areas where you feel drained and works through your day-to-day schedule to a new way of looking at and arranging your time. Then your time is spent in a way that gets your responsibilities accomplished and meshes with your values. It is possible to get to the end of your day feeling a sense of peace and accomplishment in how you spent your time.

We will:

  • Discover what your priorities and values are when it comes to your time
  • Work through how and when to say “yes” and “no”
  • Determine the best tools for stretching your time
  • Energize you through the messages you take in and hold on to
  • Maximize your time fulfilling your responsibilities and day-to-day tasks you have
  • Work through negotiating when and how to get the help you need
  • Negotiate collaboration with partners in your life to determine who does what

Before We Get Started: 

Let’s meet for a strategy session to determine if we are a good fit for each other. This will also give you a chance to experience a coaching session and have your questions answered. My clients tell me that they have walked away with valuable insights and hope after just one session. My goal is that you will as well.

Then based on our strategy session you will complete the discovery paperwork and hand-picked assessments to pave the way for our work together.

Here’s What You Get With Multiply Your Time and Energy:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions by telephone or online video service
  • Initial 60-minute discovery and planning session
  • Then 40-minute coaching sessions that take place every week or every other week to fit best within your schedule
  • Weekly homework to put into action what we have discovered in our sessions together
  • Prior to each session you will complete a session preparation form to make our time together highly  productive
  • Up to two weekly support emails or texts
  • Inspirational quotes and suggested reading

 Let’s Talk!

Contact me to set up your strategy session:

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