For each person that I coach, I have the honor of being a part of their journey. I get a front row seat to champion their strengths and see the courage they display as they seek to grow and flourish. I can share with you what we have done together…but it is best said through each of them.

Honor their journey as you read below:

Doing life coaching with Rebekah has been extremely helpful. During our coaching sessions, she has helped me to look at decisions from all angles and determine the best next steps. She has also helped me to learn better problem-solving skills for different issues I face in my life. GB

Coaching helped me gain better awareness of what had gone on.  I was able to see what I was going through was normal.  I saw that I had control over how I managed my situation.  I couldn’t just wing it.  I had to make a plan to address my situation.  After coaching, I realized that I wasn’t anxious anymore.KU

Rebekah and I did a walk and talk today. I was so torn to take on a challenge that I knew would be almost impossible. After an hour walk and lots of questions and thoughts from Rebekah we came up with a plan that sounded so workable. I almost ‘jumped out of my skin.’ I felt like I hit magic. Thank you Rebekah!!! Another successful challenge made doable! Also the walk was amazing too. We saw a great blue heron, a huge waterfall, and flowers to boot! CB

Rebekah’s mentoring coaching sessions have been one of my biggest blessings this year. Rebekah provides a caring safe space to prioritize next steps and bring to awareness on how to move through my obstacles. Rebekah exhibits genuine compassion and extensive knowledge in tending to the heart of the caregiver. If you are a caregiver looking for clarity and support with your caregiver role and/or desire to receive mentor coaching, I highly recommend Rebekah to be your coach! SS