Life Coaching

Sunrise into a new day through life coaching

Life coaching is a partnership that provides a way for you to bridge the gap between your desires for your life and the way your life is lived out day to day. Hear from others on how coaching has impacted them.

Coaching helped me gain better awareness of what had gone on.  I was able to see what I was going through was normal.  I saw that I had control over how I managed my situation.  I couldn’t just wing it.  I had to make a plan to address my situation.  KU

Life Coaching provides the chance to:

⇒Give you tools to help bring clarity on an issue

Improve personal relationships

⇒Get unstuck on wellness, career, or personal goals  

Develop a vision and direction for the future

Have a personal cheerleader who believes in your dreams but is willing to stretch you

Change destructive thinking patterns

Bring your work/home life into balance

Strengthen your relationship with God

Find healing after a loss


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One of the techniques I use is the Seasons of Change method of coaching.  This is a powerful way of working through a time of change by using metaphors from the four seasons to help draw special attention to your needs and solutions during this time.  For example, the period of time after someone has just experienced the loss of a loved one is called early winter.  Just as in early winter an animal finds a safe place to slow down and hibernate, in the same way an individual going through loss has the important task of slowing down, turning inward, and finding a safe haven where they can spend quiet time reflecting and resting.  Read here to get more information about Seasons of Change.


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Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for your, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a  future and a hope.