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Caring for someone is the best thing you’ll ever do.

And also the hardest.

Whether you’re a daughter caring for an aging parent or a mom raising a child (working, work from home, both) or a grandmother raising a grandchild,it’s easy to speed along trying to survive each day and not really being present to enjoy it all.

I’ve been there. Stretched. Overwhelmed.

I felt overwhelmed. I felt a lack of purpose for my role as mom and wife. I had that moment when my two older daughters were a baby and a toddler.  I wondered if my purpose went beyond changing diapers and doing dishes. I wondered if there was a way to balance who I was, and my roles as wife and mother? I was just so stuck.

Life doesn’t have to be that way.

Before I found coaching, I worked in the field of psychology for many years, helping people through life transitions like older age and illness.  I worked with men and women who were caring for their aging parents and spouses and saw how challenged they were. I loved working with them in caregiver support groups to help them bring balance to a hard and at times, chaotic life. But I saw how important support is and saw the need for individual one-on-one help bridging the gap between how they wanted life to be and how it was. My work gave me that feeling of living life full out.

Then when I was pregnant with my second daughter, for various reasons, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. I have enjoyed this so much and also felt the challenge of caring for these little people. I have felt so stretched and needed help for this journey.

Then a couple of years ago I started learning about the field of life coaching and the possibilities that it held. I realized that coaching was a way for me to bridge the gap in my own life between my desire to do the work I so enjoyed helping others, provide for my family, and be available for my girls. I decided coaching was just the right fit for the next stage of my life.

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And today, I’ve dedicated my life to coaching women who find themselves in that place— so honored YET so overwhelmed by the care, energy, and love they put into others.  I help women realize that there is a way to be that wonderful wife, daughter caring for a parent, mother, and live a life where you thrive.

I partner with you to:

  • stretch and prioritize your time
  • discover what your calling is within that role
  • manage the stress that comes with caring for others
  • discover how to make your priorities fuel your actions
  • learn how to make time for the things that energize you outside of that role
  • and find ways to maximize your energy for each day

Coaching is much more than a job to me- it’s a calling. I love setting goals for myself and the chance to seek out ways to be a better me and the person God has called me to be.  As a result, coaching is the perfect job for me. It gives me a chance to come along side of other women who have a need for a new vision or desire help to bring balance back into their life when they have gotten stuck.  Read this blog post to hear more about my journey into coaching.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Dordt College and a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from Northern Arizona University. I am a board certified coach (BCC) and received my life coach training from the Institute for Life Coach Training. I live in Arizona with my wonderful husband and 3 sweet little girls.

Enough about me….let’s talk about you.  Are you ready to move from that place of chaos and frustration?  Are you ready to move out of the fog of caring for others to thriving in the life that you have?

Let’s talk. 


Doing life coaching with Rebekah has been extremely helpful. During our coaching sessions, she has helped me to look at decisions from all angles and determine the best next steps. She has also helped me to learn better problem-solving skills for different issues I face in my life. GB

Rebekah and I did a walk and talk today. I was so torn to take on a challenge that I knew would be almost impossible. After an hour walk and lots of questions and thoughts from Rebekah we came up with a plan that sounded so workable. I almost ‘jumped out of my skin.’ I felt like I hit magic. Thank you Rebekah!!! Another successful challenge made doable! Also the walk was amazing too. We saw a great blue heron, a huge waterfall, and flowers to boot! CB

My husband went back to work after staying home with our kids and it has been a major adjustment for our family. Rebekah helped me to figure out ways to handle this adjustment through her guiding questions. After coaching with Rebekah, I feel empowered to accomplish my goals and at peace with walking through this adjustment period in our life. MW

Rebekah’s mentoring coaching sessions have been one of my biggest blessings this year. During our sessions, she has helped me discover both my personal and professional strengths in order to empower & equip me in starting my new coaching business to help other caregivers. Rebekah provides a caring safe space to prioritize next steps and bring to awareness on how to move through my obstacles. She gently brought to attention something that was getting in my way (time management), while giving me support & tools to better balance my time and prioritize. That is just one example of how Rebekah is guiding me to improve my life in a gentle yet powerful style.

Rebekah exhibits genuine compassion and extensive knowledge in tending to the heart of the caregiver. It is an honor to have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned caregiver coach who is intuitive, wise, and supportive in guiding me grow as a person and as a coach. Her Christian perspective is an added bonus for me. If you are a caregiver looking for clarity and support with your caregiver role and/or desire to receive mentor coaching, I highly recommend Rebekah to be your coach! SS

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