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My Favorite Books of 2018

Vacation can be a chance to get some quiet time and good reading in. Whether you try to read one book a year or 200, my guess is that like me you want it to be a book that feels worth your  enjoyment and knowledge. I challenged myself to read/listen to 52 books in 2018. I have a little less then two weeks to go with 4 books left to meet my goal. (I need to hustle!) I wanted to share my favorite books of 2018.

Haatchi & Little B, by Wendy Holder

I picked this book up after seeing it on the library shelf as popular or new. I can’t remember which. I listened to it as I was driving around town. I loved it! It was the story of how Haatchi and Little B both overcame obstacles to help each other. If you are needing a story that warms your heart and brings you pleasure, this is your book.

U is for Undertow, by Sue Grafton

I love Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series. It is my mystery junk food. They bring me lots of pleasure whether I am reading them or listening to them. They are fast reads and just make me happy. 🙂

Remember God, by Annie F Downs

This is a memoir of how she experiences God. She addresses what it is like to hear God, experience God asking us to wait, and the hurt of expecting certain things from God that don’t happen like they want. This is something most of us can identify with.

Cesar’s Way, by Cesar Milan

This is a must read for anyone with a dog. It puts into perspective the dynamics of a human/dog relationship and addresses specific challenges that come up in the relationship and dog’s behaviors. I have read it twice, once when my first dog was young and once this fall when we brought home our second dog. I am sure I will read it again.

Stick With It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life For Good, by Sean D. Young

What can I say, I am a coach. I had to get one book in there about change. This is a good one to. Changes we want to make in our lives can be challenging. This sheds light of so many things to think about to help us succeed.

Until I Say Goodbye: My Year of Living, by Susan Spencer-Wendell

Susan gets the diagnosis of ALS and decides to be really intentional about how she lives each moment of her life. This book was challenging, sad, and made me think a lot about what brings me joy. So many important things to consider when living a full life.

Loving Someone Who Has Dementia, by Pauline Boss

I found out about this book from a colleague. I have read a lot about dementia and caring for someone with dementia, but this book is a rich look at the impact on the person caring for someone. The introduces the need to recognize the “ambiguous grief” and stress that happen with losing someone little by little with dementia. This is such an important book for someone who has a loved one with dementia or for those who know someone caring for a loved one with dementia.

Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving

I read this book shortly after someone accused me at my doctor’s office, without merit, of discriminating against her. I was in shock and angry. This book was such an important read for me in that moment. I realized more about the perspective of someone that has experienced racism as an everyday part of life. I was challenged to look at the assumptions I have made and how I can support and be sensitive to those who feel marginalized because of their race.

If you are curious about the other books I read this year they are listed on my Pinterest board, Books I’ve Read in 2018. Take some time to open a book or get one on audiobook this winter. They really can change your perspective and add richness.

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