why should I try life coaching

Why Should I Try Life Coaching?


You may understand some about coaching, but you are thinking to yourself, “why should I try life coaching?”  “Is it really worth my time?” So let’s clear the cobwebs and talk about the signs that it’s time for coaching and what the results will be like.  


Here are ten signs that you are in a good place to partner with me as your life coach to get to where you want to be

1) Life is changing lately and you are feeling overwhelmed when you try to see the future clearly and live well amidst this change.  

2) You have been working on a weight loss and exercise goal for a long time and feel like you could use some new tools for getting unstuck and achieving what you want.

3) You have just gone through a major change in your life and you need help with establishing a new vision for yourself as you move forward.

4) You would like to change and strengthen your relationship with your spouse or significant other

5) You are going to be re-entering the workforce again and are not sure if the job that you had before is the right fit for your passions or lifestyle anymore.

6) You have had this dream or idea in the back of your mind and you are ready to bring it to life outside of your head.

7) You are the primary caregiver for a little person or a big person and you are finding all of the challenges that go along with that overwhelming at times and you are needing support and tools to take care of yourself and live well in this situation.

8) You are in a season of change.  The change may be a good changes or it may be negative, but every change has its challenges and it is an opportunity to seek guidance and nurturing that can help you take care of yourself, plan for the future, and anticipate the joys and obstacles that are coming up.  


Coaching is a partnership, so I can’t make you absolute promises about what it will do for you because your part in this is just as important as my part.  But what I can do is share with you some of the results people I have coached and others have experienced from coaching.  

Here are some of the results that clients gain from trying life coaching:

Clarity of what they want life to look like including a picture for the future and ideas for making each day more productive and manageable

Skills to build and maintain healthy relationships

A clear vision of what you want goals and the future to look like

The steps to take to get where you want to go

What resources and relationships are needed to get where you want to be.

~Achieving that goal that has been evading you for so long.

For more information, here is an article from the International Coach Federation about the results coaching provides, Benefits of Using A Coach. Let coaching work for you.  Try a sample coaching session.  The worst that can happen is that you decide not to continue with coaching.  The best that can happen is that coaching works for you to find hope and use coaching tools to get you to that place that has felt impossible.


Finally, hear the stories of a couple of women I have partnered with:

Doing life coaching with Rebekah has been extremely helpful. During our coaching sessions, she has helped me to look at decisions from all angles and determine the best next steps. She has also helped me to learn better problem-solving skills for different issues I face in my life. GB

My husband went back to work after staying home with our kids and it has been a major adjustment for our family. Rebekah helped me to figure out ways to handle this adjustment through her guiding questions. After coaching with Rebekah, I feel empowered to accomplish my goals and at peace with walking through this adjustment period in our life. MW

Does Life Coaching Really Work?

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