Don’t Throw Away Valentine’s Day

Ugh…Valentine’s Day. It feels kitchy. Sometimes it feels like a chance to have unrealistic expectations. It’s painful for many of us because of loss or not having a significant other. It seems likes it’s about just grabbing something off the grocery store shelf to bring home. I have been mulling over what I am going to do for my hubby and my kids for the day. I’m busy. It’s another thing to think about. Is it really worth doing anything or is it just a day that has been turned into a chance to buy more crap?

But I want it to mean something…

This year, I’m looking at Valentine’s Day as a chance to highlight the love I have for the people around me, whether our family or friends. I want my immediately family to feel the love I have for them in a special way. It’s a chance for me to be grateful that I have the chance to love these people and learn from them about love.

Here’s How I’m Doing That:

Make Love the Primary Focus:

When combing the shelves of the store trying to figure out the right gift, my focus wasn’t on love. It was on getting something my kids would enjoy, but it wasn’t really on conveying my love. Instead, this year sharing my love is the focus. I want today to be about the “I love you.” My love for them is a journey, has a history, and has a future. Conveying my love today is about conveying and sharing with them in that journey. Instead of gifts today, I am writing them each a letter about the journey of my love for them and what they have taught me. That wouldn’t be the perfect way for everyone but for me that is just right for where we are at this year.

Make It About the Experience:

We are going to create an experience together to share in that love. I want the memory of our night together to remind them of my love for them and our love for each other as a family. I know it all sounds very mushy. But the fact is that kids remember it when you hang in there with them and show them rather just tell them. This year, we are stealing a friend’s great idea of making heart pizzas and pizookies and having a fun family dinner together. Then maybe watch the Olympics or family game night. Nothing too complicated but the deviation from our usual routine will be make it extra fun and memorable.

Make It Something that Will Stick With Them:

My desire is that what we do together and talk about today will stick with my family. It will be something that they remember. It will be known that my love for them is so great that they will think about it and remember it each day even when other voices or circumstances threaten to squash it out. So part of what I am going to do put my letter on special paper that they can keep and look back on.

All of this to say, don’t throw away Valentine’s Day. While it is tempting to “Bah Humbug” it, I would challenge you to take advantage of the chance to make it something that shares your love and is about enjoying the people you love.


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