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Don’t Let Mixed Emotions Trample Your Excitement for the New Year

Capture the excitement….I have to admit that I have mixed emotions as I launch into this new year.  I am excited for a fresh start and new goals.  However, I am also intimidated about all that needs to happen in our lives in this new year.  So I am entering the new year with just as much hesitation as excitement.  And I know I am not alone.

What are the mixed emotions you are dealing with when it comes to this new year?  It would be easy for me to let the hesitation I feel coupled with the sickness that we have had in our house keep me from sitting down to write down my goals.  That can be a pattern of mine- to let my hesitation paralyze me and keep me from my true desires.  Anyway, if your like me, you may be feeling equal parts hesitation and excitement about this new year.  Don’t let the negative feelings keep you from the wonder of changing your life for the better this year with exciting goals.

Let me outline 3 things you should do as you approach this new year to capture the excitement you feel, despite the mixture of emotions that you may be facing.  

1)Capitalize on your excitement:  When you feel excitement about this year, don’t wait.  Take the time right then to map out your desires for the year.  It’s easy to put it off.  But if you take advantage of the excitement that you feel, it will give you a great launching off point for the year and mapping out your desires.

2)Start with gratefulness:  Take that excitement and carry it on.  Don’t give that hesitation a chance to take hold.  There will be time for addressing that.  For now, there is so much to hope for in this new year.  Spend some time on that.  What happened last year that you are grateful for?  As you think about this new year, what makes you grateful?  Spend some time listing out those things.  What better way to start the new year then feeling grateful.  This is the perfect frame of mind to delve into the new year and think about your goals.  Gratefulness squashes hesitation and fear that may be playing in your head about the new year.

3)Spend time pondering your desires for the year:  Before you launch into exactly what, when, how, and where you will accomplish all of the things for the year, develop a vision for the year.  In the book, The 12 Week Year, it talks about the major difference a clear vision has in the effectiveness of accomplishing a goal.   Without a clear vision, a goal is just an act, but with a clear picture of your desires for the year a goal is part of a greater plan.  Capture your vision for the year by thinking about, what you want life to look like a year from now.  Then think about how the people in your life, your career, and the activities you do will be reflected in that.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting about crafting a vision and being intentional about your goals and actions in this fresh new year.

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