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Infuse Each Day With Joy

As I wrap up my blog posts for the month of December.  My intention has been to share some of my thoughts and tactics to be more mindful and address some of the stressors of Christmastime and the Holiday season in general, so they can be made positive.  I have addressed coping with loss, eliminating stressors, and fun reads as you relax.  But I can’t leave out the importance of intentional joy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that joy should just come.  And some times joy does come automatically.  However, more often then not we need to be intentional about capturing joy to be a part of everyday.  Whether we are talking Christmastime or some other time of year, finding ways to be intentional about joy can make every day more beautiful.  

For me, the joy of Christmas is about knowing that Jesus came as a little baby.  This is primary.  I also gain so much joy in how I see everyday life.  What is it for you?  What little things bring you joy?  How can you maximize your joy?  More often then not joy comes by being intentional about bringing it to the little moments every day.  


Here are 25 ways to be intentional about bringing joy this time of year:

~start the day with a Christmas devotional

~use an advent calendar to bring fun little moments to each day

~recognize what attitude you are bringing to the day as you wake up, and address anything negative

~ask your child what they want to do today

~eliminate something in your life that feels like it drains more energy then it gives

~watch a fun movie from your childhood

~make a new family tradition

~plan a gift or activity that will bring joy to someone else

~figure out a way to give yourself a break amidst the busyness

~stay in bed an extra hour

~have a family slumber party

~watch your child’s face as they do a fun activity

~find a way to make your environment more fun

~remember the “why” about an activity when you are struggling with your attiude

~post encouraging verses, quotes, or affirmations around you

~dress up in Christmas clothes

~bring back a tradition from your childhood

~start the day by writing 5 things you are grateful for and 5 people you are grateful for

~do something that is just for the sake of fun

~find a new way to tell the Christmas story to your family

~ask God to help you love that person, that you are struggling to love, as He loves them

~instead of doing that household task that you don’t want to, spontaeously do something fun with a friend

~look at pictures from past Christmases

~have a cup of your favorite drink and read a book

~go for a walk and think about what you are grateful for in the past year
I can’t tell you what brings joy in your life.  But I can encourage you to be intentional about incorporating joy in little ways today.  What can you do today to be intentional about joy?

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