Think Small

Think small…

Small things are doable. Small things make life immensely better.

Here are 5 small things I do that make it easier to do the things that are most important to me.

1)Defrost my meat right before I cook the meal
This makes meal prep less time consuming and I don’t have to think about it until I am ready to fix dinner. You wouldn’t believe how often people say that didn’t cook at home because they didn’t set the meat out ahead.

2)Never hit snooze
Delaying getting up makes it harder for me to get up and my body feels worse the more I lay in bed without getting up

3)Say “yes” to help if it would be even a little helpful
This definitely makes my life easier. Then the people that offer me help are more likely to ask me to help them, which makes me feel great! (This is still a work in progress for me)

4)Pray as soon as something starts to be a question or weigh on my mind
Then I’m not carrying it alone.

5)Have the mindset that it is good to and I will experience hard things

What are your 5 small things?

This is one of the things I help people do, make subtle changes to make life immensely better.

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