Two Ways to Lighten Your Load and Breakthrough to Motivation

Why do I feel so unmotivated? Something that I usually found joy in, felt really heavy to me.

I was frustrated and puzzled by it, as I took a moment to stop plowing through and to take a close look to figure out why I was feeling this way.

Do you ever feel that way? This comes up with the people I coach a lot and I just want to say, “Yah, I have that too. Don’t give up”

Guess, what I realized when I looked at myself. I was living in what I wasn’t doing and wasn’t accomplishing and how I was failing. And that just doesn’t work. It loads us down instead of motivating us.

Two things that work for me when I am feeling that way are:

#1 Do whatever it takes to accomplish the thing in a small way. Motivation and energy increases when we feel successful because we completed the task in some way that we set out to do. It doesn’t matter how small. Do it small enough so you succeed!

#2 Stop living in the have nots or what “I should” be doing that I’m not. Instead recognize and celebrate what you have. Recognize what sets you up for success and what you did even when it felt overwhelming.

Need some help with this?! There’s nothing more I love than helping you do this. Set up a time to chat if you would like some help in this.

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