Add Sparkle to Your Day: It’s as Easy as…

This morning I woke up in a funk…It is something that happens periodically for me. I was feeling burdened for a family member going through some things right now. I had things I needed to do today that I really didn’t want to. And I was feeling discouraged by how long it is taking a running injury to heal so I can get back to running again. I just felt very blaw about the day and was not excited to get going. While in some ways being in that state is no big deal, I don’t really like going through my day that way and don’t really feel like that is how I or God would want me to live my life.


I was thinking through what effects how I look at my day and I remembered reading a comment from another life coach talking about the importance of gratitude for someone that is caring for others. I have experienced the profound impact of looking at my life through the lense of gratitude and shared the impact of that in a past post. I took out my book today of 1,000 gifts, which is the list of the big and the small things that I am grateful for.


As I drove to my first stop today, I left my funk behind as I asked one of my girl’s to open the pages of my book. There were four of us in the car, me and my three daughters. I asked them to each share something that they are grateful for and my oldest daughter wrote as we talked. My middle daughter, shouted out right away that she knew what she was grateful for. We all shared and I couldn’t help but smile as I heard my daughters express gratitude. And then as I shared what I am grateful for today…I couldn’t help but continue to smile. My mind kept going over all I have. I am so grateful. My life is so good. There is so much to be thankful for. It’s easy to get into a funk, but it is hard to ignore all that I have that is going well. And that adds sparkle to my day, it’s as easy as that. I would challenge you, today, don’t let the funk or struggle take over your mind. No matter how small, there are things to be grateful for.  It will pay off to be grateful. 


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