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The Books I’ve Been Reading

I have shared with you that I did a survey this spring of women that are doing the hard work of caring for others. I loved hearing where you are at, was in awe of the honesty, and was saddened by the stress that so many are experiencing. One of the things that several women mentioned was that seek out books to read to help when they are struggling.


This is something I really love to do too- read books to help in whatever situation I am in. And I would expand that to say, read or listen to books to help. I have read and listened to some fantastic books to help in the last couple of months that I wanted to share with you today. The books that I am about to share have helped me have fun, stretched me to look at how I make changes, understand how I actively pursue happiness, and spurred me on to deepen my friendships. In the coming weeks, I will also share books that are particularly helpful for family caregivers and moms.

Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker: I heard Lisa-Jo speak at a conference I was at this spring and was drawn in by her love for God, her honesty, and her clear understanding of how women thrive and struggle in relationships with other women. This is exactly what this book is about. I loved this book for the way it spoke right to my own experiences. And I loved it for the way it challenged me. She talks very candidly about how to develop deep friendships, how to quiet nasty thoughts that threaten to derail friendships, and how to support each other. If you are a woman that desires to deepen your friendships with other women or your feeling frustrated by how some friendships have gone this book is for you!

16th Seduction by James Patterson: I have to consciously incorporate fun and breaks into my life. I love thinking and achieving and striving to better myself. But as you probably can tell I can be pretty intense. One of the ways I incorporate fun into my life is through reading that is simply pure pleasure. I love this Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson. For me, it is fast, non-thinking, pure pleasure reading. This book is great for the woman that needs a break and loves women driven murder mysteries.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: To Christians sometimes happiness is seen as a bad word or shallow. Being intentional about incorporating joy and happiness into our lives is so important though. I was challenged in this a little over a year ago when I did the Bible study, Fight Back With Joy by Margaret Feinberg. She talked about the importance of claiming the joy God provides in everyday life through small and big acts. Even though she isn’t writing from a Christian perspective, this book by Rubin is a great complement to this idea. She spent a year honestly experimenting with her attitude, how she communicated with others, and how she did every day kind of life things. She was able to create a greater sense of happiness and pleasure in her life by simple acts. Who doesn’t need simple ways to increase sparkle and joy. This is a great book for the woman that sees herself as having an active role in shaping her happiness and for the woman who is curious about this idea.

Making Bombs for Hitler by Marsha Skrypuch: My oldest daughter is a book lover in every way. She challenged me to read this book. And I have to admit she had challenged me to read another book before that I never read. So I definitely needed to read this book. I am intrigued by stories of the Holocaust. This was a fast read. I was struck by how resilient and determined the children were that were portrayed in this heartbreaking story. They were forced to make bombs for Hitler. However, even in that terrible situation they did what they could for each other and to sabotage the plans of Hitler. If you are someone that loves to read and be inspired by history this is a good book for you.

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin: I listened to this on audiobook. It was the first book of hers that I listened to. She openly addresses how we make changes in our lives and goals. It is hard. She shares her own interviews and experimenting with making changes. Her book is so approachable and honest. She shares how each person is different. Because of this how we seek to make changes is going to change from person to person. There shouldn’t be a one size fits all program because what works for each of us changes depending on personality, the needed change, and circumstance. If you are a woman that is desiring to meet a goal or make a change to how you do life, READ or LISTEN to this book.

Books are a powerful way to learn and grow. Check out these books. If you would like a coach to come along side of you as you grow through books, send me an email.

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