But I’m Use to Doing It This Way

But I’m used to doing it this way… Can I just say that change is hard!

There is a lot of change. Sometimes it feels like just when you get into a rhythm something changes. Then what do we do? Fall on the floor kicking and screaming!! Just kidding, but who doesn’t want that sometimes.

So what are the options? Change is a normal, regular part of life. What if we made peace with change?

Seem like a high bar? Maybe. But say we experimented with making peace with change. How might we do that?

5 Ways to Make Peace with Change:

1)See it as a challenge to take on this new way of life

2)Look for a vision or calling for what this new phase looks like- What meaning can you find in this time? What does it look like to live according to your values?

3)Take it slow, change requires more energy, so give yourself the space to do less as you acclimate to the change

4)Start a new rhythm that is nurturing to yourself

5)Surround yourself intentionally with positive thoughts, music, quotes, verses to fuel you through the experience.

Change is hard. But also change is something we can take on differently so that joy can come in the midst of change.

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