Being Present and Enjoying It

3 Things happened with my girls last week. They felt big/little because of their ages and development. I felt hesitant and a little freaked out.   Not ready and too busy all at the same time.

I made the choice to be here for it!

I wanted to enjoy it, really enjoy it!

But that was a choice I had to make…a way I had to approach it…

It does no just come natural always to enjoy those caregiving/parenthood/grandparenthood moments… AND THAT IS OK.

Here’s 10 ways how:

1) Choose how you will think about life (and your kids)
2) Choose to see mistakes and frustration as normal and ok
3)Lay down ridiculous internal expectations.
4)Grab on to the sparks of delight that make you want to scream but you laugh instead
5)Choose the bigger picture
6)Make fun, however small a priority
7)Share a joke
8)Remember and recapture something you enjoyed together in the past
9)Give everyone space to share what makes them tick
10) Decrease your load or schedule to make space for enjoyment

Enjoyment is possible every step of the way.
Are you ready for it?

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