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See What I See

It was so meeting with someone interested in coaching this week.

What She Wanted…

I surprised her a little bit when we met together. She was so well prepared. She brought me her challenges and the things she wants to see different as a result of coaching together.

Through the course of her time, she expressed frustration with “Why am I like this?”

As she talked, I could see through her frustration who she is and the strengths that she is having a hard time seeing.

What I Saw…

I said, “Look at who you are and what you have?!” I could see the qualities that set her up for success to meet the challenges she is facing. I can see how she can use them beautifully.

I am so excited to meet together to help her watch her strengths bloom. And guess what, as we watch her strengths bloom likely the people around her will feel that and start to bloom themselves.

Are you ready to take those challenges and bring to light your strengths and who you were uniquely made to be to address them and shine where you are??

If so, schedule a complementary consult below. My promise is that you will come away with something good, whether we meet together beyond that session or not.

Let’s get started!

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