Increase Your Energy

Increase your energy! There I said it.

We can be our own worst enemy  or best friend when it comes to our energy.

Recently when I was meeting with a mom, she said that she had so much going on and people she was caring for. One of her kids was in the hospital and she never felt rested. As she was talking, she shared that she liked being able to do for everyone and be known for her speed. But she was also her worst enemy in her expectations and not drawing boundaries where others could do for themselves.

One way, to start the process of increasing your energy is to ask this question, from author Kendra Adachi in her book “The Lazy Genius Way, (She calls it the “Magic Question”):
“What can I do now to make life easier later?”

For more information on increasing your energy, check out my cheat sheet, 5 Ways to Increase Your Energy. 

If you find this is something that you need to spend more time with to combat the fatigue you are facing let me know. We can set up a time to chat and discuss next steps. Our first time talking together for a consult is free.

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