One Thing I Do to Make More Time in My Day

I get that restless tension when I have a full day ahead and am not exactly sure how it will all happen. And let’s face it, that happens a lot. However, when I stick with this one thing my days go so much better.

You want to know the secret. It’s this. I limit the time I spend on things. What?!

It is easy for me to get distracted or perfectionistic and spend way more time on a task then I need to or really want to. Instead when I limit my time things go so much better.


-Can do more each day

-Am realistic about how long it takes

-Don’t waste time

-Don’t go into perfectionistic overdrive where I don’t enjoy what I am doing anyway

-My time fits more with my priorities

-Stay focused on the task

-Don’t get derailed by social media etc.

What happens is I decide a little bit of an agenda for the day. Then I’ll decide how much time I can spend on each thing. Or sometimes I will have extra time pop up in my day, so I will do a task but decide I will do it the best I can within a time limit.


-Social Media

-Cleaning tasks

-Work tasks

-Searching for ideas for decor, birthday parties, etc.


-Searching for recipes

-Talking to someone on the phone

-Pretty much any task

This can be done by setting an alarm or deciding on a specific clock time to stop. Sound simple. Maybe, but the fact is it is not usual one major thing that wastes our time, but a combination of time when on small things. And goodness knows we could all use a little more time to spend on fun Christmas stuff.

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