5 Keys to Surviving Quarantine with Kids

Let’s be real. Thinking about surviving quarantine with kids is not what we thought March was going to be about. We are pulled between the pleasure of spending more time with our families, navigating homeschooling, and coping with that stir crazy feeling. Here are 5 thing you need to know for surviving quarantine with kids.

#1 Develop a routine for your day that is realistic and schedules the most challenging things when you are freshest.

When we do not have a plan or routine for the day and are “shooting from the hip” this contributes to stress. It can increase the feelings of chaos and make it difficult to keep track of the things that really need to get done each day. We know from studies that kids need predictability and routine. Even though it may feel challenging to develop a new routine it can make a big difference in how everyone feels about the day.

#2 Give yourself permission to let some things go.

It’s possible that you are tackling one or more of the following things:

Taking care of babies and kiddos while trying to work…

Navigating homeschooling and planning to implement that…

Learning new technology to do all of that…

Trying to communicate with colleagues and employees while working remotely…

Navigating when to leave home and when to stay put…

Being watchful of symptoms and health…

And more… with all of this, it is not realistic to keep doing all of the household and life things that you did before. Decide on some things that you can and will let slide during this time. Even little things can make a difference.

#3 Plan some element of fun for each day to look forward to.

Doing this new way of life may evoke a lot of uncertainty and can feel heavy at times. It is important to plan lighthearted fun amidst that. Our minds and bodies thrive on that. Find something everyday to look forward to.

#4 Spend time each day listing the things you are grateful for and praying for those that struggle.

This week during coaching sessions we have named “the elephant in the room,” the coronavirus, and all of the changes attached to that. I have been surprised at how often in that my clients have readily named silver linings in this challenging time. I see them too. Call them out and name those things to be grateful for during this time. Keep an outward focus by bringing your kids in on talking about, praying for, and touching base with the people in our lives that are struggling during this time.

#5 Give yourself lots of grace.

This is a situation that is far different then we have experienced before. Some days and moments will go better then others and that’s okay.

I am in awe as I see all that you are doing to tackle these new challenges and make life as good as possible. But their are moments when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated or the same with people are around you. Give yourself and those lots of brevity. Contact me, if you need some support working through these steps. We can work through a strategy to cope overall and decrease your stress. Schedule an appointment with me for a 30 minute complementary strategy session.

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