Take a Break from the Weightiness…

I was talking to a lovely lady yesterday. She has several weighty things and decisions that are a part of her every day right now.

In our session, I guided her through an exercise called Guided Imagery. In it she imagined and took herself to her favorite vacation spot.

As we wrapped up the exercise, she exclaimed how it felt good to spend time doing something peaceful without any weightiness…because so much of what she has going on right now feels weighty.

When you take an intentional break from the weightiness, this can increase a sense of peace and decrease stress and the physical symptoms that come with this. But it is a choice that has to be made.

Here are some ways to make that choice to take a time out from the weightiness.
1)Go on an outing or watch a movie with the commitment to not spend energy or thoughts of the weighty things.

2)Call a trusted friend and ask her/him to hold your weightiness for a time so you can have a time out from it

3)Write down the weighty decisions and put them in a box until later when you will address them

4)Use a guided imagery exercise to put aside the weightiness for a time.

5)Ask God to relieve you of the weight of a decision or moment. Write it on paper and then shred as a release.

There will be a time for thinking about the weighty things that need attention or decision making. But the weight becomes unnecessarily heavier and heavier when you hold it all the time. Take a time out from it.

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