Stop Holding Your Breath and Hold on Tight, Instead

Holding my breath.

When we are under stress or threat, sometimes without even knowing it we hold our breath in response. It is natural and feels like the right thing to do. But when we are holding our breath we can’t function well. Our body doesn’t have what it needs.

Can I share something with you that I have noticed some of my clients struggling with? It’s metaphorically holding their breath or being on hold.

With providing care for adults or kids or for your job stress and busyness can pop up so often. And it’s easy to go into breath holding mode. You have to hold your breath (or put on hold: spending time for yourself, going for a walk or back to the doctor) until you are through this crisis. 

But the problem is when you hold off on that thing, you are…lacking the nutrients or nurturing that you get to keep going in a healthy way.

Instead of being on hold, it’s important to hold on.

Hold on tight!

Hold on tight to the routine, quiet time, walks, social time, hobby, or doctor’s appointment. To be able to make it through this crisis or hard spot you need to hold on to what nurtures and cares for you.

What has you holding your breath? How can you hold on tight instead?

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