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Household Management: Tools I Use to Keep Things Running

Are you kidding? It’s up to me to make sure everything runs smoothly and happens in our household. But I can’t do it. Have you ever found yourself thinking this? Household Management can seem overwhelming.

I felt it. Felt swamped by it. And still do in some moments. When we have changes in household situations, like when I went back to work things had to shift again. I admit there are times where I feel scattered. (Usually that’s a sign that I need to say “no” to something) However, since I started seeing myself as the manager of the household making sure that everything flows like we need. That has freed me up to find the best ways to do that. And I find it kind of fun. (By the way, have you heard the latest number on how much with all of the tasks moms do the medium salary would be $162,581.)

My brain cannot handle taking care of all of those household management details by itself. I am just being honest. So I am always looking for tools that will help me stay on top of our schedules and the things that need to get done each day. I wanted to share with you what I use and the links to these or similar products. But everyone’s needs are different. And everyone’s minds work differently too. I am not by any means saying this is what everyone should do. But here are some of the tools that I use to help our household flow smoothly.


Google Calendar: I keep all of our schedules in Google Calendar. It is an electronic calendar that I access through the app in my phone and through my laptop. Each person in our household has their own calendar in their own color. I also have two different work calendars. Then I can choose whether all of those calendars are showing in my master calendar or whether I just have some of them showing. My husband also has access to these from his phone or computer and adds to them as needed. In addition, we have several Amazon Echos and my girls can add to the calendar with these.

Refrigerator Calendar: At the beginning of each month I write the family appointments on this calendar that are important for my girls and husband to see at a glance.

Fantastical 2: I use this which incorporates my Google Calendar and is compatible with my Apple Watch to access my calendar without having my phone with me. I am still experimenting with this when it comes to meal planning and grocery lists.

Full Focus Planner: I use my planner to map our my priorities, schedule, and tasks for each day. It is kind of like my to do list. It also keeps notes that I take during the day and goals that I have for the long term. It helps to keep my priorities right in front of me. I only use this at home and at work meetings.

Command Station:

Magenetic To Do Lists: We have a to do list chart for each kid on the refrigerator that helps them keep track of the jobs that they have to do. Sometimes we also use it to help them keep track of homework and instrument practicing.

Menu Board: I write the meal plan for the week on this. My family hastles me though because I do not always stick with the idea that is on the schedule depending on changes that happen in the calendar and my mood on a day. There is also a spot on the menu board for my family to write in grocery items that we need when they run out.

Magnetic Storage Pockets: I use magnetic pockets on the side of the deep freeze to keep each child’s school newsletters, login information, order forms in that need to be kept until we are done using them. The remaining pocket I use to keep math fact flash cards in.

Bins: I keep a bin for each of the older kids papers once they have come home after being graded. This way we can go back and look at the paper if there seems to be a dispute in the recorded grades online. We pretty much just put the papers in and forget them but they are there if we need them.

Of course, there are many other things that help to keep us on top of household management everything from apps on my phone to bookshelves and desk organizers. These tools are so helpful. They help me to develop systems to use time and time again so that I don’t have to rethink my processes. That is what makes them so helpful and save time. I hope these are helpful and would love to hear what you do to stay organized.

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