Taking Back Time!

There are exactly 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. ⏱

I heard my daughter say, they we did not follow through with our devotions because we were busy. And I felt a pang of regret, because I have said those words myself. It is easy to let busyness or something else outside of myself be the excuse for why I do not use my time like I need and want to.

Do you ever feel at the mercy of your schedule?

I have 🌟GOOD NEWS🌟:

There are so many tools and strategies to take back time! 

Here are a few to share with you:⬇️

1)Before the day starts, write down what needs to happen in the day including the things on the schedule, self-care, and the to dos. (When we take the time to write it out, it is easier to be intentional about how it plays out and we tend to waste less time. ✍🏻
2)Plan a time in the day that is yours to spend on something relaxing for you. Protect that time at all costs. Make a plan that will account for an obstacle that will get in the way of it happening (including a kid melt down). 🛀

3)Make a purpose for the time that feels wasted by waiting for something else to start or happen. When you are waiting in line, in a waiting room, waiting for lessons or an appointment to finish; Decide, in advance, what you will do to make that time serve a purpose. Such as for rest, devotions, reading, going over your calendar, scheduling other appointments, filing your nails… 📖

4)Change your mindset about time. You have the ability in your day about how you will view your time. 🧠


Here are some examples of unhelpful ways to view time:

1)”I owe them my time.”
2)”I will feel guilty if I do not do this with my time.”
3)”There is nothing I can do about it, it is what it is.”
4)”My time is swallowed up in the day.”
5)”Other people decide how my time is spent.”
6)”I am too busy for that.”


Putting a new helpful, look on how you view your time:

1)”My time is a currency I have to use on the things that are most important to me.”
2)”When I give my time to others, I need to decide the boundaries I will have on giving it to them.”
3)”Today, have chosen to spend my time on these things. Which ones are set and which ones do I have wiggle room with?”
4)”What is working in how I am choosing to use my time?” “What about how I use my time am I taking a victim mindset on and What could I do differently?”
5)”What am I being called to use my time on today?”
6)”I am feeling too spent or pressured in regard to my time, what needs to change?”

I believe in you! You can create a space to take back your time!

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