Leave Behind the Self-Criticism. Three Steps to Self-Compassion

A sweet client and I were talking about the lack of energy she felt for the tasks ahead of her. She had gone through a lot with her health and body. She wanted to keep going.

But the stuff she was telling herself was negative. “Your clothes don’t fit right.” “You are a mess.” “You put in all that work and for what.”

So We Created…

So we created a new way for her to see and fuel herself for the things ahead. At the end she remarked about how it was easier then she thought.

Are you ready to move from self-criticism to self-compassion and appreciation for what you have and how you’ve been made?

3 Steps to Self-Compassion

Start Now!!

1) Spur yourself on for change- appreciate who you are and what you have. Take time to really see the strengths and personality you have. Appreciate how you are made and how you approach the challenges you face! Look at all that you have to work with because it is tempting live in a mindset of “nots” or “always lacking.” But that can leave you deflated and stuck.

2) Put these into positive statements to repeat to yourself each day. (Remember they need to be honest otherwise your brain will reject them).

Here are some examples:
“My body is strong and resilient.”
“I have overcome so much and will continue to do so.”
“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

3) Be on the lookout for ways to appreciate your mind, body, spirit, and the resources you have been given.

What we tell ourselves and who we claim to be matters! This is not simple but it works when you persistently leave behind the criticism and claim the beauty of who you are!

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