Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Let’s jump in and do this thing. Often that is my mentality. I am excitable and distractible. These can be the perfect storm for a problem when it comes to spending my time and then if you throw in a day where my kids are home that just ups the anty on the distractability and excitability of my day. This […]

Make It Easier!

Make It Easier!

I want to share with you something that I have felt burdened about lately. I have felt this burden when talking to with clients who want to change their eating, handling stress, or other habits. I have heard them say, “I just need to get more motivation to withstand_______” or “I just need to decide to ________.” It’s that idea […]

friends together

The Gift of Going First

We are coming into Valentine’s week…That is kind of a loaded time. There is love. There are expectations. There are hurts. There are things to be said. There are things not done. I am going to share three challenges between now and Valentine’s. Today’s challenge is the gift of going first. I keep hearing this phrase come up. The gift […]