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Tell Someone…

I was talking to a friend a while back, she mentioned an older woman in her life who she gets together regularly with to share: what is going on in her life, what’s weighing on her mind, and what she is considering for the future. This woman prays for her, encourages her and challenges her. She is an honest ear […]

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5 Ways to Truly Listen

  Yesterday, I heard that my daughter and her friends were a part of a conversation that wasn’t very nice and one of her friends was hurt in the process. This was a situation that had come up in the past before with my daughter and her friends. So I was intent on letting her know how disappointed I was […]

baby with glasses

Change the Load You Carry By Reframing

This is awful. I can’t believe it is happening to us. That’s what I was thinking and feeling when I learned that my 9 month old daughter had significant issues with her sight and needed thick glasses to see. A friend I was talking to said, “That is a disappointment.” She reframed my words from a tragedy to a disappointment. […]