Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Let’s jump in and do this thing. Often that is my mentality. I am excitable and distractible. These can be the perfect storm for a problem when it comes to spending my time and then if you throw in a day where my kids are home that just ups the anty on the distractability and excitability of my day. This […]

Make It Easier!

Make It Easier!

I want to share with you something that I have felt burdened about lately. I have felt this burden when talking to with clients who want to change their eating, handling stress, or other habits. I have heard them say, “I just need to get more motivation to withstand_______” or “I just need to decide to ________.” It’s that idea […]

friends together

The Gift of Going First

We are coming into Valentine’s week…That is kind of a loaded time. There is love. There are expectations. There are hurts. There are things to be said. There are things not done. I am going to share three challenges between now and Valentine’s. Today’s challenge is the gift of going first. I keep hearing this phrase come up. The gift […]

new years resolution

No Resolutions: Try This Instead

It seems that new years resolutions are something everyone has heard of, but that no one wants to do. The idea of new years resolutions have become synonymous with big goals that we set at the beginning of the year that we abandon after a little while. I hear people all the time say they don’t believe in resolutions, they […]