holiday stress

Three Things You Can Do To Keep Stress From Hijacking Your Thanksgiving

It’s the holiday season. Full of sweet smells, family memories, favorite foods, gratefulness, expectations that can’t be met, dieting fails, stressful travel… Wait what!? Amidst all of those fun times and warm feelings are many feelings and situations that cause stress and anxiety. And what ends up happening is that holiday stress hijacks your Thanksgiving. Do you ever wish you […]

on the road alone

You’re Not Alone

I’ve heard it this week….I’ve heard it from clients and I’ve heard it from friends. I have even heard it in my own head. I’m overwhelmed… Yes, I’ve heard it and my heart is weary for you. Stop…take a seat and hear this. You are not alone. As women we have a lot on our plates. We love to take […]